Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Better Day

I had another bad night, BUT I've actually had a pretty good day!  I made it through both sets of CPT today (the last two days I either didn't do one or couldn't do all the different positions of them), and I exercised.  I usually have a really hard time the first few days I go, but it went surprisingly well this time!  My Sats (Oxygen saturations) were good the whole time and I went 25 minutes!   PLUS, I got my A1c results back was 7.2!!  That really cheered me up :)
My endocrine doc, Dr. Doelle (pronounced like Deli), came today too and even he had a smile on his face!  I don't think I've ever seen that from him...I've been a frustrating patient for quite sometime :-P  (He treats my diabetes and hypothyroidism)  He was happy that my numbers were better and also said my thyroid levels looked good.  I asked that the diabetes nurses and dietician come in so that I can get a refresher course on all things diabetic.  I'm finally at a place, mentally, where I'm receptive to the only took 13 years :-D
I haven't seen Dr. Hornick yet today, so no info there.  All in all, things are looking up.  Now, if I could only get a good nights sleep!

So, somebody (*cough cough* STACI *cough cough* ;-P) thought I needed more pictures on here and not JUST on Facebook, so I took some pictures with my iPhone today.  Maybe you can get a little better idea of what my favorite "vacation home" looks like.

This is my side of the room.  I'm in a double right now because there are so many of us right now. We have to be by ourselves because we don't want to catch anybody else's bugs, so this time I get a really big room with TWO windows :)  There are 13 CFers right now (8 adults, 3 peds, I think).  That is a HUGE number at one time.  I guess the weather isn't helping any of us this time.

What I see when I lay in my bed.  That's the white board where my goals are written and the fabulous (HAHA!) TV.  Peds have it so good with their flat screen TVs and DVD players bitterness here :-P

The other side of the room.  Notice the fabulous faux wood sink cabinet and stunning bed clothes...just so stylish.  The bed is mussed because Jake slept in it on Saturday.  It's nice to have an extra bed he can sleep in instead of the chair or a cot that he brings with him.

My bathroom.  Very oddly shaped.  The mirror on the sink cabinet-thingy allows me to see the top of my head.  Quite handy.  Hence the hand mirror underneath it.

The view from my window.  This is by far THE best view I've ever had.  Usually I'm looking at a brick wall, so this is really really nice.  Anybody who comes in the room comments on the view, so you know it's special :)  They also comment on how cold I have the room.  I love a nice cool room.  It's set at about 67 right now...pretty much perfect.  Really nice when the rest of the hospital is about 72 or so.  The CF dietician came in today and said she'd come hang out in my nice cool room and check out the view when she gets stressed.  Sounded good to me :)

That's all for now!


  1. Hi Becky -

    I'm new at this blogging stuff so this is the second blog I've typed. The reason is I didn't have a Google account setup so it wouldn't transmit to you. So I just long the Epistle I just wrote to you. Well I'll have another go at it.

    Anyway, Carol and I want you to know that we are praying for you, Jake, your parents and others whose lives you have touched.

    I gave Kent Robson your blog address so you may have heard from him and if not you likely will soon. I know of the 4 people he has lined up at this point you are the one he would like to video first because he feels that you have such a terrific story to tell and have such strong faith. So the sooner this can be done the better so that we can get the project underway and get you on U-Tube and eventually those viewing the video would be directed to a website to learn more about you and obviously at that point you would share your testimony.

    Anyway, Sunday evening Kent and Karen Robson, Sandy and Bob Knapp, Bob and Camile Cornwell and Carol and I were present. Then a blind young lady was here as well. She has been blind since birth. She attends Fuel at Eastview. She bakes cookies and some day would like to open her own business.

    All of the testimonies we heard (2 by phone along with the young lady at our house) were very good. One young man has MS and in a wheel chair and has to be transferred from his chair. Then a young woman who is a senior at Moody Bible and has no legs due to her laying on a railroad track in an effort to take her life. However, she obviously lived through the ordeal and now has a glowing testimony for Christ.

    It was good to learn that you had a better day today. Carol and I both read your blogs and are up-to-date. We pray that when you return home you will be much stronger and you will feel much better. We would like to hookup with you from time to time and talk about what's happening in our lives. We'll buy the Mountain Dew!!!

    We love you and know that God is at work in you. Just want to encourage you to continue trusting because He is trustworthy.


    Bill & Carol Hertter

  2. Hey Becky,

    I am so sorry that you are back in the hospital. However, I am glad that you are writing about the experience and feel you can share it with us on your blog. Sometimes it seems such an invasion of privacy to ask you too many questions, so I try not to intrude.

    I hope you will be well soon and can return home. Maybe you’ll let me take you to lunch some time while Jake is so busy. It could break up a lonely day for you AND you would have all morning to gather your strength and get ready!

    Hope to see you soon.

    In His Love,