Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Better Everyday

I'm feeling a little bit better today.  I've gotten 2 good nights of sleep and am napping at least a couple of times each day.  I'm also eating more normally so that's giving me some extra energy too.  I am still tired most of the day, but it's nice to be able to fall asleep now when I do get tired.  I'm still having trouble with my sinuses so I'm having odd coughs and getting, uhm, well...little chunks out of my nose (sorry if that's gross).  It's definitely getting better, but it is pretty annoying.
Exercise is going okay now.  My blood pressure is staying in the normal range and I walked down today instead of using a wheelchair, so there's definitely been progress made.  I'm still pretty far from my baseline exercise tolerance, but for everything I've been going through these last couple of months, I think that's okay.  I'll get's just taking longer than usual this time.  
Dr. Hornick wants me to do PFT's tomorrow, so I should have a number to give you by tomorrow night.  There's some other numbers that aren't as good as last time.  I was really excited about my Hemoglobin A1C test last time I was in (it was 7.2) but this time it was 8.2.  My body went through so much during the kidney stone stuff and my blood sugars took a backseat during all of that.  I'm working on that and it seems that my sugars are already getting under much better control.  I'm incredibly thankful it's happened as quickly as it has.
Dr. Hornick is at a conference or something (can't remember what he said for sure) through the weekend so Dr. Stoltz is taking over for him.  I really like Dr. Stoltz and since most everything has stabilized I'm completely comfortable with Dr. Hornick not being here.
There's not a whole lot else happening right now.  Since I've still been so tired most of my day is spent lying down or asleep...not too exciting.  I'm not nauseous anymore so I'm going to ask Dr. Stoltz if we can start my iron again in the hopes that I'll get some energy back and not sleep quite so much.  Then maybe I'll have more to blog about :)

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Bill and Carol HertterFebruary 6, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Hi Becky -

    Just want you to know that Carol and I continue to pray for you and Jake. We are so sorry that you have had the additional health challenges in recent weeks. I know a little about kidney stones. I had them many years ago, but the pain was none like I had ever experienced. Just couldn't get in a position where the pain wasn't overwhelming. They are nasty things.

    Appreciate your blog and will continue to check it. By the way, we have our SS class praying for you and our small group. I know that many, many prayers are being made on your behalf.

    Trust you will feel better each day and that you will recoup soon from all that you've been through.


    Bill & Carol