Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekend and The New Digs

I'm feeling so much better.  Dr. Hornick took me off of the Lisinopril (blood pressure meds) last week and by Friday I was feeling pretty good.  Apparently, one of the side effects of that med is spontaneously developing a cough, so he thought it might be part of my problem.  Combine that with my blood pressure dropping and the dizziness and it sure seems like the right thing to do.  He's going to talk to my endocrine doc (Dr. Doelle) to see what other med I can be put on for the nephropathy.
I'm feeling so much better, in fact, that when I did PFT's on Friday I blew 35%!  That is back to my baseline and that makes me VERY happy! :)  I was on such a high after that that I didn't take a nap at all, but then was exhausted by that night.  Oops.  Oh well...I have to take what I can get when I have the energy to have it!
Jake and dad came up Friday night and stayed for the weekend.  When it's just me and "the guys" we tend to talk about different things and do different things.  I love when my mom comes up, but it's nice to just have dad sometimes too.
We went out to lunch on Saturday at Bennigan's and spent 2 hours just talking.  I love when this happens.  Just getting to sit around, munching, and discussing that things that are going on in our lives.  You'd think that since we live with my parents that we'd get more times like this, but they are very respectful of our privacy and need to have our time, and we try to do the same with them.  So, it's just nice to talk and go over the things that are happening...and there's always something happening.  
I love my dad's heart and hearing him talk about the things that are pressing on it.  It lets me know how to pray for him and how I can try to encourage him.  I hope that I can give back to him, even a fraction, of what he's always given me.
On Sunday we tried a new restaurant in town that we decided we won't do again.  It was a little barbecue place and the food was okay, but it took over an hour to get our food (which I guess is normal) and we just weren't impressed.  Again, though, good talks and it's always fun to try something new.
We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at Barnes & Noble and amazingly made it out of there with a very small bill.  We got a couple of good books and I'm already pretty far into mine.  It's a nice distraction  while I'm here.
I realized over the weekend that I hadn't even mentioned the new floor. Well, for good reason :) The "ward" that was previously known as PICU or Pulmonary Intermediate Care Unit, is now known as RSCU or Respiratory Specialty Care Unit.  It's not all it was cracked up to be.  It is not at all warm like the old PICU.  It had fake hardwood floors and cozy colored walls which made it very homey.  Not here, though.  The whole floor is coated with sterile white walls and floors...okay, maybe beige, but still.  The lights are so bright I think they may have once planned to do surgeries in the patient's room.  Thankfully, they're talking about changing the bulbs.  
The majority of the rooms ARE bigger, but the two rooms I've had so far and actually even smaller than the old ones.  With all the stuff I bring up here, it is a little claustrophobia inducing.  
We do have flat screen TV's, but if you have the lights on there is a big glare.  We also have DVD/VCR players, but unfortunately the remotes have already disappeared and there is not way to navigate the menus in the DVD's from the box itself.  Somebody at Zenith was not thinking there.
Really, the hardest part is that these nurses/nursing assistants/respiratory therapists/housekeeping staff just don't know us.  They don't know our routines or Dr. Hornick's.  It's a tough break in period.  I didn't realize how much our old nurses just knew us (and even each of us individually) and knew how Dr. Hornick operated.  It's really little things, but little things add up.  
We were never woken up before PT came in to do CPT on the other floor.  Vitals waited until we were fully awake.  Housekeeping would wait until after 12:00pm to come in.  Things like that.  Then there's things like flushing the line really well after administering Tobramycin to make sure levels would be correct later and how often all the tubing needs to be changed.  Dr. Hornick has specific guidelines and everybody on this floor is learning.  Everything will get to where it needs to be, but in the meantime things can be a little frustrating for everybody involved.  I'm just hoping for some dimmer lights and maybe a bit of color.

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