Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Blogs for the Price of One Day - & - Admission #65

Jake wrote an entry to tell the story of what happened when I was going through all the kidney stone drama.  He did a great job of explaining the whole ordeal, so if you're curious, give the previous entry a read.  (It also leaves off where this entry picks up.)

Last Friday I got the stent out.  I was queazy from the moment it was removed but was trying hard to keep my cookies where they belonged.  Since I had been nauseous the whole time it was in, I figured it was no different.  Jake and I went to Steak 'n' Shake to get something to eat, as that was the only thing that was sounding good to me for awhile.  I ate a little bit of cottage cheese (yes, I know that's a weird food to eat when you're nauseous, but it had worked thus far) and a little bit of soup and I was done.  We had decided to stay the night in town and do a little shopping the next day, so after eating we went back to the hotel.  It had been about 2 hours after the stent had come out, when I started having a coughing spell...and pretty soon my cookies fell on the floor...and my jeans...and my socks.  I suddenly felt horrible and so much better at the same time.  For one, I had packed "light" (at least for me) and so the jeans I was wearing were the only pants I had brought.  Second, I had just tossed the cookies all over a hotel room floor and that is just plain embarrassing.
Jake was awesome, as usual.  He quickly started cleaning up the floor, and me and somehow managed to not toss his own cookies.  (I still don't know how he did that.)  Pretty soon the floor was clean, and he was preparing to take my jeans and socks to a laundry mat.  When he got back he surprised me by having gone to the local Goodwill store and picking up 2 games.  He didn't know how I'd be feeling so he thought he'd get something for us to do.  I felt so much better after having some time to settle down.  We spent the rest of the night eating a little dinner, watching TV, and playing Tri-Bond.  It ended up being a pretty good night :)
The next day we went to the Coral Ridge Mall (if you're ever here in Iowa City/Coralville you have to check it out.  It's huge!).  I had to stop and sit a lot during the day and I was exhausted by the end of it, but it was a lot of fun to spend a semi-normal day with my hubby.  We don't get to do things like that nearly enough.
For the next week my nausea got progressively worse and I started developing cold-like symptoms.  On Thursday I finally sent my nurse practitioner, Beth, an email explaining my symptoms and asking advice on what to do...hoping that I didn't have to come in for another admission.  She got back to me pretty quickly and delivered Dr. Hornick's news...I needed to come in.  And here I am.
I'm getting pretty tired again, so I'll stop for now.  More details on this stay later.

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